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Artwork by Paolo Ippoliti
1) I love them all. It's the truth, I do. I've been focusing, for close to four months now, as many braincells as I could possibly spare towards narrowing down my choices for storySouth's 2007 Million Writers Award.

By MWA rules, internet-friendly magazine editors are allowed to nominate three selections from their year's offerings. (You say, Dumb lucky rotten bastard gets 3x as many votes as I get - Who the hell's he think 'e is, uh? And I say, I'm the lucky rotten bastard who runs this 'ere joint, that's who! etc)

Each of the stories we've published have hit my various, sometimes-fickle, emotional and intellectual pressure points so immensely and completely that it's inevitable I should feel immense and complete guilt by the fact that I can't choose them all. Yes. Yes. It's all my fault, I know. Shoot me. Kick my ass. Hug me. I suck, I'm an idiot. I know, I know…  

Four months later, I still have 5-7 stories that I think are totally, completely worthy of that honorable award. Tossing out good stories left and right, as though they're Monday morning's rubbish, then wallowing in remorse, crying over the knowledge I'm the biggest shitheel on the planet - yeah, that's pretty much the exact same process we lucky rotten bastard editors get to go through each and every month for you… you… eh…

Sure is a lot of fun. Yep.

So anyway, when the last of my coin-flipping occurred, these three beauties seemed best-suited for the dance at this year's glamour show:

Covered in Catalina by Aaron Hellem

Arms Akimbo: A Gest by Corey Mesler

Book Scouts of the Galactic Rim by Jason Sanford*

*Jason Sanford, Editor of storySouth, has notified me that he will not consider his own story for the Top Ten, but that doesn't mean it's not deserving of the honor, in my own opinion. And with this week's passing of that brilliant man named Arthur C. Clarke, it seems fitting to recognize Mr. Sanford's creative and respectful story, which speaks so dearly of Mr. Clarke and others from his wide-reaching genre.

To all our other worthy contributors: You're just as good, seriously; just not as lucky this time around.

2) Stay tuned for the announcement of a new Best of the Web 2007 print anthology, coming soon from DZANC BOOKS. Congratulations to Mr. Andrew Sorge, whose righteous story Bruxism, from MCR issue seven, was selected for inclusion in Dzanc's historic publication. Very cool.

3) Soon, soon, soon I plan to rework our "bookstore" page so that it will feature not just my own published crap, but our contributors' crap too. Thumbnails and links to their most recent book, fiction or non-fiction, will be featured in alphabetical order. These links will preferably be directed to the publisher and/or author, and for the foreseeable future will NOT be for our profit. If you're an MCR contributor, we'll drop a mass-mailing when we're ready for that (have patience in our procrastination, please).

Please note that we will ONLY be advertising books that feature an MCR contributor, so don't even ask otherwise.

4) Prepare for another submission hiatus this summer, probably from July 18 to September 15. Send your purtiest creations early to be considered for issue twelve (scheduled for mid-October). Remember to always check the "submissions" page (Refresh/Reload the page, each visit) before sending your bestest stuff.

5) That's it. Go back to your scholarly reading, or porn, or whatever.

from the editor