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A novel of psychological suspense from the Editor of MCR
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Social commentary
I have spent too much time in slums
to be deluded by mansions.
The offspring of the privileged
are protected from the rude streets.
They receive sustaining nutrition
and are given a secure base
to achieve future ambitions.
The begrudged help for the needy
is insufficient for the young,
born into the poverty class
without prior consultation.
We see the children of the poor
deprived of opportunity,
merely because of their parents.
It is society's duty
to insure that all our children
are included in tomorrow
and have a reasonable chance
to contribute to our nation,
while building a fulfilling life.

Two poems by
Gary Beck
The Coincidence of Birth
Fueled by endless failures
in every aspect of my life,
I struggle with the day to day paradox
of exercising faith without belief.
I never focused my desires
on material prosperity,
and consequently am not entitled
to complain about the absence
of expensive possessions,
and certainly am not surprised
that all my passionate efforts
to serve the needy, write, create,
contribute meaningfully
to a decaying culture,
have met complete rejection.
Yet I continue to persevere
in the elusive expectation
that I will be able to maintain
some hope of amelioration
for the discouraging future.

Welcome Me, Tiresias
These works are copyrighted by the author, Gary Beck.
All rights reserved.
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