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constricted, conflicted
fine taste
by Mandy Jessup (430 words)
by Terry Rogers (250 words)
women, smoking, dead white guys
by Jonathan Simms (320 words)
by Terry Rogers (860 words)
by Terry Rogers (175 words)
by Aurora Rose Wingard (3940 words)

a timely excerpt from the classic work of Robert Green Ingersoll (5330 words)
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A novel of psychological fiction from the Editor of MCR
In the final hours before dawn, as the encumbered moon wanes from heaven to heartache...
Our tortoise-striped tabby has a fine taste for the outdoors. We found him that way, nose to the trash bins...
I was milling around the snack-food aisles, searching for something; searching for nothing...
The old guy sat in his chair smoking and staring at his girlfriend's young ass, thinking about literature and the devil...
She smells exactly the way paradise smells...
So the people of Honey Creek thought it would be appropriate to ask another local hero of sorts to do the honors. He was once a fireman...
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Fic-tion >n.  1. a making up of imaginary happenings; feigning  2. anything made up or imagined, as a statement, story, etc.  3. a lie  4. something accepted as fact for the sake of convenience, although not necessarily true