We are seeking previously unpublished fictional stories (8,000 words maximum).

Please click HERE for important information on what types of work to send.

Sorry, but we no longer accept postal submissions of manuscripts.
When emailing your submission, please include it in the BODY OF THE MESSAGE.
Just 'copy' it, and then 'paste' it right in there. (Some formatting, such as italics and ellipsis dots, may be lost in the text -- don't worry about that; we'll get it later if it's accepted.)

Stop!! Halt!! Anschlag!! DO NOT SEND IT AS AN ATTACHMENT unless we ask you to do so! Unsolicited email attachments may be held for an indefinite period without charges or counsel and annihilated at our own discretion, regardless of Constitutional, International, and/or Ethical laws and/or treaties.

Fiction (stories): You MUST tell us if the story has been published elsewhere. (Please.)
You can include a brief bio if it makes you feel good, but it won't necessarily make or break our decision. If your work is accepted, we'll ask for your mighty bio (please remind us if we forget).

Nonfiction (all commentary): Please include a brief summary of the essay. You MUST tell us if the essay has been published elsewhere and when. (Please.)

Sorry, but as of 2017 we no longer accept printed manuscripts submitted by mail.

(Never got many anyway.)
Do not send it to us if you are not the SOLE OWNER OF THE COPYRIGHTS. Neither Menda City Press nor its publications hold any responsibility for researching and verifying copyright ownership. We like breaking rules, but not this one. If you cheat, we will assist the rightful owner in hunting you down and giving you atomic wedgies until you say Uncle, and all other due legal punishment. Cheaters may prosper, ridiculously well, but they're always assholes.
For previously unpublished fiction or non-fiction work, Menda City Press obtains -- in written agreement -- First Serial Rights and Electronic Archival Rights. These are very commonly used publishing terms. 

Here's what those terms mean:

- First Serial Rights: We get to be the first to publish this particular piece, one time. You promise that no one else has put their grubby mitts on it and published it--including print, online, ebook, pod, whatever--before we do. These are the same rights obtained by The Paris Review, The Missouri Review, The Kenyon Review, Fugue, and other major journals. (If you want to try them first, we don't blame you--they're very well established. If it doesn't work out, please come back and give us a try. We're better than all them suckers anyway, but whatever.)

We'll even do something for you that most won't do, and give ourselves a deadline of 180 days after signed agreement to publish it. After that, we'll have to get your permission all over again.

The very next moment after we display your work, you can sell it like crazy (We'd appreciate the courtesy of a "Published first in Menda City Review, issue X" reach-around, but it's not required.). Furthermore, if we publish you online, and then choose the same work later for our printed anthology, we must first ask for your permission again before printing. Of course, we still won't be able to pay much. But we probably won't ever print an anthology anyways because we're cheap and we love trees.

- Electronic Archival Rights: This means that what we publish will remain in our database for future perusal by our online visitors. This doesn't mean we can put it out on podcast or ebook or other techie stuff we don't know much about, only that we can show it as an archive on this awesome, lowly website. This is a "Non-Exclusive" right, meaning that you the proud author can subsequently give this right to anyone else you want, as long as A) they're cool; and, B) it doesn't infringe on our First Serial Rights, as stipulated above. We trust you'll do the right thing.

Note: First Serial Rights are not required for non-fiction essays. However, we will not, at this time, be able to pay for re-publication of non-fiction essays. Terms listed above are only for works offered with first serial rights.

(Still have questions about our policies? Send questions/concerns to: editors@mendacitypress.com)

Need more legal help? Try these links for more info:

Or try entering the above terms in your favorite search engine or library. (Library (noun): a building containing lots of printed reading material. For reading.)

At this time, we make no attempt to solicit funds for this publication, and we ain't got much dough.

As such, we can only offer you a whopping $4.20 for having your story or essay published first
at Menda City Review. (That's enough loot to buy a celebratory pint!)

As an alternative, you may choose to have us donate the entire sum of your earnings to
SAVE THE CHILDREN. It's a damn good charity. * ** ***

*Note: Checks will be mailed within the continental US only. Foreign contributors are encouraged and welcomed but they will graciously choose to donate their significant earnings to charity. How very kind and thoughtful of you all.

**Another Note: We will not, at this time, be able to pay for publication of previously published work of any type.

***One More Note: Any or all of this legal mumbo-jumbo listed above may change at any time, so please check back before sending your work. Basically, if there's anything you aren't sure about, just ask.

That's all for now. Thanks for your interest. You may return to your porn, or whatever.


WRITERS UNDER 18 YEARS OLD: Please submit your work as detailed here. However, we will want to receive consent from your parent or guardian before publishing your work. If we accept your work, you must (please) tell us if you are a youngster. If you don't tell us, we'll hate you forever.


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Simultaneous submissions are okie-dokie. But please tell us if someone else accepts it before we respond, or we will most likely cry.
Send all submissions to: editors@mendacitypress.com

On the 'subject' line, use one of the following formats:

Fiction / Your last name / # of words (or pages)
Commentary / Your last name / # of words (or pages)

On this page:

Guidelines - where/how to send
Copyrights - what we purchase
Payment - how much/to whom

Please note:
As of Nov 18, 2019, we are not accepting submissions.
At this time, we expect to publish our final issue of MCR late Jan, 2020.
Truth by Fiction

Please note:
As of Nov 18, 2019, we are not accepting submissions.
At this time, we expect to publish our final issue of MCR late Jan, 2020.
Please note:
As of Nov 18, 2019, we are not accepting submissions.
At this time, we expect to publish our final issue of MCR late Jan, 2020.
Please note:
As of Nov 18, 2019, we are not accepting submissions.
At this time, we expect to publish our final issue of MCR late Jan, 2020.