Terry Rogers [1.2006]
is founding editor of Menda City Review. He's taken a few road trips.
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Amanda Triplett [3.2006]
is a student of art and teacher of kids. She loves both equally, but one or another sometimes more than the other. Amanda can be contacted at: amanda.triplett@gmail.com
Artists who include contact info would very much appreciate feedback on their work. Especially if you love it. PLEASE WRITE TO THEM. Thank you.
Maria Pavlova [5.2006]
is a photographer much appreciated here at MCR. To see more of her outstanding work, please check out her website: www.mpcreativeonline.com
All artwork contained herein is copyrighted by the respective artists listed below. Please do not copy or print these images for any use other than personal without first receiving consent from the artist. They're poor; help them eat.
Harvey Finkle [7.2006]
is a documentary still photographer who has produced a substantial body of work concerned with social, political and cultural issues. His work has been extensively exhibited and published, including three books, entitled: Urban Nomads; Still Home: Jews of South Philadelphia; and Reading.

His ongoing work includes documenting the activities of many progressive organizations including a death penalty abolitionist group, ACT-UP, ADAPT (disabled activists), KWRU, and other groups concerned with housing and homelessness. Also, his work includes an extensive inventory of images depicting all aspects of life in Deaf culture, plus a substantial collection of photos dealing with education.

Finkle is also completing a documentation of a unique prison project that works with inmates months before release to prepare them for returning to the community and months after release to help remain in the community. The first showing of this work will take place at the National Network of Grantmakers Conference in Chicago - beginning 10/14/06 - and eventually will be shown at the Universities of Pennsylvania and Temple in Autumn 06 and Spring 07.

A broad exhibition of his work regarding social issues will appear at the Cheltenham Art Center, PA and will show for two months, beginning 9/06.

For more photos from Harvey Finkle, please visit his website: harveyfinkle.com
Brett Walker [9.2006]
Brett Walker [12.2006]
is a professional photographer living in London, England. To fight the evil forces of spamville, he wishes to keep his email address as private as possible. For more info on Mr. Walker, including how to contact him and see more of his work, please send an email to the MCR editors: editors@mendacitypress.com
Andreas Kaiser [3.2007]
was born in 1974 in St. Wendel, Germany and today lives in Ottweiler. He is married, with two lovely daughters. A social worker by trade, Andreas has been toying with photography since 2004, trying to capture the essence of (human) being. He prefers the analog way.

He is the founder of unmittelbar.net - an agency and network of (photographical) authors.
Noťmi Farkas [6.2007]
is (not necessarily in this order): a freelance graphic designer/artist; an avid photographer of all things life-like; a loving and doting mother of one very precocious, curious, and wildly intelligent little boy; and a proud Hungarian Romani living and breathing in Toronto, Canada (for now).

To browse through the photographical portfolio of Ms. Farkas, or to contact her regarding her work, please visit her website: www.illifinitogo.com/photography/

Antonio Palmerini [10.2007]
is an amateur artist living in the city of his birth, Rome Italy.
He loves to travel the world, and regularly posts his latest artwork at FLICKR.COM
Paolo Ippoliti [2.2008]
is interested in temporal distortion, self-destructing systems, exotic landscaping and the tailoring of fictional suites. His creative wanderlust fuels frequent journeys into hazy realms as SCRIBE, LIGHTCATCHER, and AURAL STORMBRINGER .

You can contact him at:

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison [5.2008]
construct fantasies in the guise of environmental performances for the protagonist of their images  - who interacts with the landscape. Tapping into their surreal imaginations, the artists combine elaborate sets within vast landscapes to address issues surrounding man's relationship to the earth and technology while additionally delving into the human condition. As Robert ParkeHarrison said regarding the work "We want to make images that have open, narrative qualities; images containing ideas about human limits. These mythic images mirror our world, where nature is domesticated, controlled, and destroyed."

Robert ParkeHarrison studied photography at the Kansas City Art Institute and the University of New Mexico. In 1999 he was the recipient of a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship.

Shana ParkeHarrison received a degree in painting from William Woods College. She went on to study Dance history and metalsmithing and University of New Mexico.

The ParkeHarrisons' collaboration has developed organically over the past sixteen years. In 2000 they began to publicly claim co-authorship of their images. "The Architect's Brother," a museum exhibition of 45 of their images, traveled throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Currently their images are included in various group exhibitions, including "The Missing Peace: Artists Consider the Dalai Lama," "Imaging a Shattered Earth: Contemporary Photography and the Environmental Debate" and "Envisioning Change," an exhibition in conjunction with the United Nations Environment Programme's, World Environment Day.

Their works are included in numerous collections including Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Art Institute of Chicago and the International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House. In October 2008 the ParkeHarrisons' new book of color images by Twin Palms Publishers will debut alongside an exhibition at Jack Shainman Gallery in New York.


Chris Franko [9.2008]
has been producing compelling images with a strong editorial and graphic edge, for both personal and commercial use, since 1998. Capturing the simple and the mysterious, the intimate and the out-there, the fixed and the fluid, then mixing them all together, that's FRANKOPHONIC.

Rodolphe Simeon [1.2009]
started photography in October 2005, and has been published worldwide by such magazines as Rolling Stone, Esquire and Les Inrocks. His work is focused on portrait, and is divided in 2 distinct series: The M-people series and the Black & White series. The M-people is a series of color photography made in studio. The Black & White series is made in the street in Paris, Roma, London, Budapest, Vancouver... These 2 series can be viewed independently or together as a whole piece. Rod works mainly around this idea of dichotomous identity.

Rod's website: www.m-peoplephotography.com
Rod's photos on Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/all_the_names_are_already_taken_pfff/

Felicia Simion [5.2009]
Felicia Simion [10.2009]
lives and breathes and dreams on and in Romanian land and air and ether. She is currently in eighth grade, fifteen years old (yes, human years). She will one day seek a collegiate education, so long as they sufficiently respect her desire to keep dreaming fantastic dreams.

More of Ms Simion's creations can found at DeviantArt.com
Rodolphe Sebbah [3.2010]
was born in 1958 near Paris. He started photography only two years ago, and has stuck solely to street subjects. He is an amateur and knows there is still much to learn, but is very proud and touched that his photos have been successful on the internet and the sites that host them.

This year, the famous Chinese publication Vision Magazine has given him four pages for his work as well as an interview. That same 2010 issue also features an article and interview of one of his favorite contemporary artists, Markus Hartel of New York.

The photographers that have inspired him most are Elliot Erwitt, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, and Saul Leiter, for whom he has unlimited admiration.

You can view more of Rodolphe Sebbah's photos at FLICKR.COM
Sanjay Arora [9.2010]
lives in New Delhi, India. He regularly posts his latest artwork at FLICKR.COM
Edward S. Curtis [3.2011]
is dead. But his legacy and brilliant photography remain with us forever. More info at WIKIPEDIA.
Andreas Kaiser [issue19]
was also featured in our seventh issue, March 2007. To see more of his work, please visit his new website:
Felicia Simion [issue20]
was first featured here in 2009, for two consecutive issues, when she was only 15 years of age. Now she is a burgeoning professional photographer in Romania, with very broad and bright horizons. To see more of Ms Simion's work, and to contact her, please visit her new website: www.feliciasimionphotography.com
Ezo Renier [issue21]
Ilya Kisaradov, aka 'Ezo Renier', has no personal website and does not typically sell his artwork. His photographic creations are merely attempted visual renderings of his own personal dreams and perceptions regarding the world which envelopes him. A large gallery of his work can be viewed here: VK.COM
Leszek Bujnowski [issue22]
is a self-taught photographer who likes to present usual places in an unusual way. This is his passion, his alternative world. Often he makes use of the technique known as photo manipulation, as it allows him to create surreal images shrouded in mystery and mysticism. He tries not to lock these mysteries into a drawer; you can go any number of ways to discover their secrets. The endless road, walking with the camera, is for him the most enjoyable part of the fun.


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Rodolphe Sebbah [issue23]
was also featured here in 2010, MCR issue sixteen.
To view more of Mr Sebbah's work, and to contact him, you can find him here: FLICKR.COM
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Leszek Bujnowski [issue24]
was also featured here one year ago, MCR issue 22. To view more of Mr Bujnowski's work, and contact him, you can find him at: https://www.facebook.com/leszekbujnowski
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Eulalie Varenne [issue25]
is a young artist from France, making imaginary worlds with photography. She is inspired by childhood, by dreams, by absurdities, and by fantasies. She studied art in college, then lived for one wonderful year in Chile, which allowed her to develop new perspectives about photography. She likes to look for strange landscapes and surreal places in the world, and to transport people as they view her photographs. To see more of her work, and contact info, please visit: http://eulalievarenne.com

Nils-Erik Larson [issue26]
is a retired civil servant, living in a small Swedish town close to Stockholm, who has finally been able focus on his life-long passion -- street photography. Most of his photos are from Stockholm, but he also travels to other European cities, rents cheap rooms, and spends weeks photographing people. He loves classic black and white, but also works in colour, especially when asked to do jobs for magazines. He uses a Canon 5DIII with a Canon 24-75/2,8 lens -- big and heavy but with wonderful prestanda. As his favourite photographer, Robert Frank, used to say: "When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice."

You can find more about Nils-Erik Larson at http://sandas04.deviantart.com/

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Nils-Erik Larson [issue27]
was also featured here for our previous issue, MCR 26.
To view more of Mr Larson's work, you can find him here: http://sandas04.deviantart.com/
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Felicia Simion [issue28]
was first featured here in 2009, for two consecutive issues, when she was only 15 years of age. Now she is a burgeoning professional photographer in Romania, with very broad and bright horizons. This is her fourth visit here to MCR. To see more of Ms Simion's work, and to contact her, please visit her new website: www.feliciasimionphotography.com
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Rodolphe Sebbah [issue29]
was also featured here in two previous issues, MCR 23 and MCR 16.
To view more of Mr Sebbah's work, you can find him here: FLICKR.COM
Marta Bevacqua [issue30]
is an Italian artist currently living in France.
She is professionally represented in Paris by Brice Pascal Suisse (contact@bricepascalsuisse.com).
For info, compliments, questions, bookings or prints, her email is marta.bevacqua@gmail.com.

You can also find her on facebook, tumblr, flickr, behance, 500px, instagram, PhotoVogue.
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Nils-Erik Larson [issue31]
was also featured here for previous issues, MCR 26 and MCR 27.
To view more of Mr Larson's work, you can find him here: http://sandas04.deviantart.com/
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JoŽl Sueur [issue32]
is on Facebook : www.facebook.com/joel.sueur
Or you can contact him at: joel.sr@wanadoo.fr

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Volkan Colak [issue33]
is an amateur photographer from Turkey, trying to travel the world and capture the moments of daily life. He started photography with his grandfather's Yashica Electro-35 and is still following his passion with Sony A7X series, Fujifilm and Sigma SD series. Since travelling is his other passion, he tries to merge the two. Currently he is focusing his work on gypsies, before losing this wonderful culture.

He does not post-process his work; he always captures in color and converts to B/W with any software he can find. He doesn't believe in post-processing street photography since the photo should be as is, like it was with 35mm film. He is not an educated photographer, and doesn't think so much while taking a photo: when something seems sincere, he captures it. He only wants to reflect that sincerity without any play, manipulation or perception.

He usually carries two prime lens mounted cameras. 35mm, 50mm and 85mm are his primary angles. Nowadays his bag consists of Sony A7rm2 and a Fujifilm X-H1.

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JoŽl Sueur [issue34]
is on Facebook : www.facebook.com/joel.sueur
Or you can contact him at: joel.sr@wanadoo.fr
Nils-Erik Larson [issue35]
was also featured here for previous issues, MCR 26, MCR 27, and MCR 31.
To view more of Mr Larson's work, you can find him here: http://sandas04.deviantart.com/
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