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...to all those women who do their very best
day in and day out;
who struggle to keep their independence
while nursing the fickle wants and needs
of their loved ones;
who have bled their heart and soul
for the growth of their hopelessly ungrateful
and often unsympathetic offspring;
and who, without a moment of hesitancy
would give their very last breath
for those same ungrateful fools...
to all of you beautiful and selfless goddesses and queens
we say thank you.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you a gazillion times,
to infinity.

And most importantly of all, a big public Thank you
to the most selfless goddess of them all,
my mother, Virginia.

I love you Ma. You rock.
Happy Mother's Day.


Happy Mother's Day...
A special wish for Mother's Day happiness to these women (if I've neglected someone who is near and dear to my heart it is only because I am selfish and stupid and ridiculously tired from a long week of writing, reading, working, and website developing (did I mention I'm stupid?). Tell me if I've forgotten someone and I'll add you here:
Funny Sonni
Cindy Sue
Twisty Christy
Navaho Nancy
Dr. D
Grandma Bertha
Gramma B
Bonnie B
Step-mom Sabrina
Aunts (alpha): Dixie, Dolores, Esther, Gloria, Lilia, Mary
The great children's book illustrator Laura Ledesma
Cuz's: Baby Sabrina, Kim, Susan L, Donna,
More cuz's: Wendy, Teri Ann, Vickie
Susan House
BB Wong
Julie S
Angela and her aunt Shirley from SD

My motherly contributors (that I know of):
Karen Ashburner
Leigh Hughes
photo by Maria Pavlova

. Superior weighted contributed rakeback at raketocash.